Trash Chute Cleanup Service

Trash chute cleanup is one of the most needed power washing services in Indiana. Because trash chutes are located at the different levels of a commercial building, they need an intense cleaning job. You need our trash chute cleanup service.

Garbage Chutes

A garbage chute is a long tube built into the interior structure of a high-rise building, and it is generally attached to openings on the floors of the building for the building occupants to access. In larger buildings, the trash chute usually empties all of the refuse directly into a garbage compactor. In smaller, mid-rise buildings, the garbage chute has a manual door that opens into a dumpster. Because this is an enclosed space, it becomes an issue to keep clean and sanitary.

Our Trash Chute Cleaning Service

At OTW Clean, our garbage chute cleanup service provides the following beneficial services to our customers:

  • Keeps tenants satisfied with a clean trash chute free of smells and excess debris
  • Removes grease, which could lead to potential fire hazards
  • Lengthens the life of the trash shoot
  • Lowers foul smells and odors from trash shoot
  • Reduces pests and rodents attraction
  • Lowers black mold formation
  • Reduces pest-based problems, which generally stem from less than cleanly trash shoot

When dirt accumulates inside the trash bins, there is an increase in potential filth accumulation, which requires regular trash bin cleaning. When we pressure clean the trash shoot, we eliminate the excess debris and drastically reduce any foul smells and odors by sanitizing the trash bins and removing potentially hazardous, unhealthy bacteria.


The OTW Cleaning Method

Using our proprietary cleaners add to the mix of hot water, we successfully pressure clean such larger, cumbersome garbage units without issue. At OTW Clean, we know the importance of a clean trash chute, and we have to make sure to keep them as clean as possible for a perfect commercial trash chute cleaning experience.

Trash Chutes are Difficult to Keep Clean

Trash chutes can be challenging to keep clean due to location. Our equipment and professionals are there to get the job cleaning job done. We believe that when we show care and concern for our clients and perform the cleaning work at the best levels, our clients give us the nod of satisfaction. And more important, a referral.


Our budget-friendly Indianapolis trash chute cleaning services have allowed us to climb the ladder to quickly become the top recognized trash chute cleanup service provider in the field of trash chutes. Fostering the best trash chute cleaning operations, our advanced techniques and surface cleaning equipment are perfect for maintaining trash chutes and reducing potential hygienic issues.


Equipment Used to Keep Trash Shoots Clean

Performing the trash shoot power washing is not as simple as it appears. It needs a higher degree of expertise to plan and clean a trash chute effectively. Without the right power washing equipment, the process is never going to be complete. At OTW Clean, we utilize a particular set of cleaning supplies and equipment to clean filthy trash shoots thoroughly. Some of the equipment used in addition to our proprietary cleaning formula is as follows:

  • Hot water pressure washer
  • Soap
  • Degreaser
  • Outdoor detergent
  • Hydro scrubber
  • Sanitizer

Benefits of Professional Trash Chute Cleaning

Utilizing a professional pressure cleaning service has several advantages offer which includes the following:

  • Keeps apartments clean and beautiful
  • Removes grease, which is a potential fire hazard
  • Lengthens the life of the trash channel
  • Lowers the emission of any type of foul smell and odors coming out of the trash points
  • Reduces attractants of pests and rodents
  • Lowers the formation of black mold
  • Hampers growth of vermin and pest based problems

Ready to Hire Us for Trash Chute Cleanup

Now that you are ready for our trash chute cleanup service, give us a call at 317-388-0010. We will have a representative contact you as soon as possible to come out to your property and get your building the best trash chute cleanup service in Indiana. Call or email us today.