reasons to powerwash walkways

3 Great Reasons to Powerwash Walkways

There are great reasons to powerwash walkways. When you are a business owner, it is essential to keep your commercial property looking in the best of conditions at all times. Even though your goal is to make sure the interior of your business is clean, and the landscaping is always well-groomed, you should also pay attention to the sidewalks. These areas are forgotten frequently, but these areas play an essential role in your company image. Because of that, it makes sense to schedule a professional walkway powerwashing as part of the regular property and landscape maintenance schedule. Here are several reasons to routinely pressure wash your place of business.

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Improve Curb Appeal

Walkways are exposed continuously to foot traffic and harsh outdoor elements. Because of this, there will quickly be a build-up of:

  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Stains

Since the walkway is one of the first areas visitors see when approaching your business, the sidewalks need to have a lasting impression. Keeping these walkways clean with a commercial pressure washing will boost your building’s curb appeal and create a positive influence on how your company is perceived in public.

Prevent Slips and Falls

Unfortunately, Concrete is porous, and this property causes the surface to retain bacteria and moisture, providing an ideal environment for mildew and mold growth.

Mildew and mold growth spots make sidewalks a walking hazard, creating a slip and fall hazard for pedestrians. There is enough force in power washing to remove areas of mold. This keeps your customers and employees safe and reducing your liability and makes your insurance agent a happy camper.

powerwash weeds

Minimize Cracks Weed Growth

Sidewalk materials, in general, are highly prone to cracking and spreading over time. Be aware that a greater chance exists to allow overgrowth happening when weeds are present. Power washing keeps these areas clear of vegetative growth.

As the vegetation grows beneath the surface of the sidewalk and other walkways, weeds will likely begin pushing up through all of the smaller cracks in the concrete, causing the cracks to become more significant. When you need a walkway powerwash in Indianapolis, the process will minimize any new gaps and hinder weed growth by eliminating the dirt budding weeds need to thrive.


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